What is a “PR”?

A PR is a “Personal Record”. The term comes from the gym and from competitive sports training. Crosfitters, bodybuilders, and Powerlifters, as well as runners and swimmers, use the term “PR” to refer to a personal record or a personal best. It could be a best time, best weight lifted, best set of reps and so on.

A PR doesn’t have to come from the gym. PRs come from life. Life PRs are essential to our happiness and motivation on a daily basis.

Some examples of great life PRs are:

  • A record number of days off of a bad habit like smoking or eating candy or watching too much TV
  • Your furthest distance walked or run
  • A record number of days getting up early or not hitting “snooze”.
  • A record number of days hours or minutes doing anything good for your body or mind

The sky is the limit when it comes to setting personal records!

What is your next Life PR?


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